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22 September 2008 @ 02:25 pm
Angelo will be hosting several events in Los Angeles this October. Among these are a concert at Whisky A Go Go, photo session and more. However, these are limited to members of the band's fan club, who may send their applications in between July 1st and 31st to be entered in a lottery for the opportunity to attend this fan club trip.

-from JaMe USA

......okay, what? Does Angelo have an international fanclub or something? If not, I don't understand how this can be a fanclub-only event. And wait a minute, why is this only just being announced if the applications were due in July? Someone explain this to me.
Jrockrevolution.com also sites their live event as being on October 2nd, so if you're in the LA area and curious I'd start looking into it.
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17 September 2008 @ 02:17 am
I'm seriously about to cry; I don't know what to think.

RENTRER EN SOI has announced that they will hold their last live on December 25 before ending activities.
The live will be at Club Quattro in Shibuya, so any of our readers that are in Japan--I urge you to go.
These boys are absolutely breathtaking live.

Their last oneman tour kicks off in November.
For information on their lives, please see http://www.rentrerensoi.com/live.html.

For English language information (though it's minimal), please see: http://shattered-tranquility.net/index.php/09/16/rentrer-en-soi-disbands/
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13 September 2008 @ 08:32 pm
SUGIZO will be signing autographs at 3 of his upcoming US shows:

9/23 San Francisco
9/24 Los Angeles
9/28 New York City

Be sure to check it out if you're going to one of these shows!

12 September 2008 @ 09:07 am
Just a quick post on LuLu for any fans out there!


The members are:
Vo. 院長 たぁ (Taa-san) - Director
Gu. 精神科 達郎 (Kaito) - Internal medicine
Gu. 内科 戒斗 (Tatsurou) - Psychiatry
Ba. 小児科 (Yu-ki) - Pediatrics
Dr. 口腔外科 抄成 (Shouse) - Dental Surgeon

Since going major, LuLu have now decided to do a triple re-release!!. The CD's are from their indies era, and all 3 will be comming out again on November 5th.

The first is 「精神鎮痛剤」 (Seishin Chintsuuzai)
1. 精神鎮痛剤 (Seishin Chintsuuzai)
2. 不眠薬 (Fumin Kusuri)
3. deep blue
4. 禁断症状 (Kindanshoujou)
1260 yen

The second is 「現実不感症」 (Genjitsu Fukanshou)
1. 現実不感症 (Genjitsu Fukanshou)
3. Sick
4. カルテ’180 (Karte’=180)
1260 yen

Last is 「第零集中治療室」 (Dairei Shuuchuuchiryoushitsu)
1. おもひで総回診 (Omohide Soukaishin)
2. 現実不感症 (Stage4) (Genjitsu Fukanshou Stage4)
3. 苦し紛れ (Kurushimagire)
5. 9×13
7. 精神鎮痛剤(O.D) (Seishin Chintsuuzai O.D)
8. 症例:官能アレルギー (Shourei: Kannou Allergy)
9. 溺愛クランケ (Dekiai Kranke)
10. terminal care
2500 yen

Support the band here!
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10 September 2008 @ 10:12 pm

It's just been announced that SUGIZO will be joining Juno Reactor for a 6-city US tour.

09/20/08 10:00 PM Denver, CO Owsley's Golden Road Juno Reactor w/Roots of Lubriphonic
09/21/08 10:00 PM Aspen, CO Belly Up, Aspen An Evening w/ Juno Reactor, After Sunday Night Football *Note: 16+
09/23/08 8:00 PM San Francisco, CA The Independent Juno Reactor plus Future Rock *Note: 21+. Valid ID required for entry.
09/25/08 08:00 PM Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theatre Juno Reactor
09/26/08 10:00 PM Chicago, IL Metro Juno Reactor *Note: 18+. Valid ID required for entry.
09/28/08 08:00 PM New York, NY Blender Theater at Gramercy Juno Reactor *Note: 16+. Valid ID required for entry.

For more information and tickets:


You guys had better go since I am not able to. XD
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10 September 2008 @ 11:44 am
UNTITLED [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
New full-length album release from girugamesh featuring all-new tracks composed by the band on their recent concert tour! Limited edition includes bonus DVD with footage from their one-man live at Ebisu Liquid Room, Osaka, Nagoya, and overseas.

Releasing: November 5, 2008
Pre-order here.

New single release from Charlotte includes mini-photograph.

Releasing: November 5, 2008
Pre-order here.
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09 September 2008 @ 10:14 pm
Remember this post.

Well, now both Nono and Jun have announced they are leaving the band.

That leaves just ReI and hixro, and slowly it shrinks. Sorry guys for the bad news!
I hope they make a come back and can find some new members. D:
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09 September 2008 @ 05:56 pm
nil just recently launched an official myspace! You can find them here:

In case you don't know, nil is the project Tetsu Takano (ex-Malice Mizer, ex-ZIGZO) has been involved in since the dispersal of ZIGZO. They're a fantastic band, and this is happy news, so go check them out if you've never heard of them--and if you like them, add 'em!
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09 September 2008 @ 02:28 pm
Jrockrevolution.com announced this today:

Yoshiki Holds an Open Press Conference Sept. 15
On September 15th, Yoshiki will be making an appearance for announcements on X JAPAN. More X JAPAN news as it becomes available.

I'm hoping that like last time there was a press conference they'll broadcast it live. If they do, I'll be right there watching and posting back here as soon as I am able to pick out information. ^_^ Exciting.
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09 September 2008 @ 10:09 am
There's a new way to support the comm, you guys!! 8D
Okay, so maybe it's only exciting to us, but ya know.
In any case, donate if you can and then we can be even cooler and totally like have give-a-way things.
Even like $0.50, if from every member would be enough! (>w< )/

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