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LM.C in South America

Right, so LM.C is going to be doing two lives in South America this coming January.

One in Chile and one in Brazil.
This should be interesting, yeah?

Anyhow, it's supposed to be before their Europe Tour, so I'll try to get dates up for both of these soon. Got to do more poking, it seems.


Europe Tour Dates w/South America Dates
1.23.2009 - Santiago, Chile
1.25.2009 - Sao Paulo, Brazil
1.28.2009 - Milan, Italy 'ROLLING STONE'
1.30.2009 - Barcelona, Spain 'Salamandra Sala 1'
1.31.2009 - Montpelier, France 'Rockstore'
2.01.2009 - Paris, France 'La Locomotive'
2.03.2009 - London, UK 'Islington Carling Academy'
2.04.2009 - Cologne, Germany 'The Werkstatt'
2.05.2009 - Munich, Germany 'Backstage'
2.07.2009 - Stockholm, Sweden 'Tyrol'
2.08.2009 - Helsinki, Finland 'GLORIA'
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