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Dio ~distraught overlord~ European Tour.

Dio are touring europe later this year, November time to be exact, and I thought I would post the dates and information.

Myself, I'm a die hard Dio fan, and have been since their first single. There's just something about Mikaru's voice and the heavy nature of their music which isn't all too common. I recomend any of their music for anyone interested, but at the moment, my favourite songs have to be 'Lord's prayer' and 'GOD forsaken ~Boku wa Kimi no Kikazatta Karada wo Kyouyuu Suru Sekai no Rinjin Nado de wa Nai~' Long name, I know, but most shorten it to simply 'God forsaken'.

A little interesting fact about their vocalist too. He's been hit recently by a bout of tonsilitus, and mentions that each time he has it (this being the second time) he feels that his voices changes, becomes somewhat deeper! And he hopes that the fans will still follow them despite the changes. He also speaks of Dio's fanbase as the 'Dio army', apparently he'd be the mayor of a visual kei city and we would all have to listen carefully to what he would say.

I kid you not. He even blogs about it.

Tour dates
18/11 Dio - Munich GERMANY
19/11 Dio - Zurich SWITZERLAND
21/11 Dio - Hengelo NETHERLANDS
22/11 Dio - Stockholm SWEDEN
23/11 Dio - Berlin GERMANY
25/11 Dio - Poznań POLAND
26/11 Dio - London UK
28/11 Dio - Köln GERMANY
29/11 Dio - Paris FRANCE
30/11 Dio - Helsinki FINLAND


If you like what you see, please support the band.
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