September 3rd, 2008

成宮寛貴;;night walker




So this is a mixture of a crack humor and a news flash community.

As far as crack we'll post a lot of things that just happen to jump out to us in our day. Something that makes us say 'WTF?!' and we just have to share it with people. May not be new, might just be something that has risen to the surface again.

New flash in the sense that we'll also tell you about things coming out, bands or CDs. Whatever. Live dates. Anything like that.

And of course, we don't love everything, so we don't post everything about everyone. But if you want us too do something specific, crack or news wise, just post a little comment or send one us a message over LJ and we'll try to get it up for you as soon as possible.

Okay~! <3