September 7th, 2008

成宮寛貴;;night walker

Good and Bad.

First, the bad.

Cradle has decided to disband! Sorry about that...
The vocalist was intending to leave, Taiji, but after a lot of thought they realized something.

Well, the vocalist is the major face of the band. And few bands manage well after a change of vocalist.
-le sigh-
Sorry about that.

But door closes, window opens. Or three windows?

The label SPEED DISK has recently signed two bands. Ap(r)il, and VanessA.
Some of them have music sample on the SPEED DISK site, so check it out ne~


... does anyone have MSN? Yeah, copy past Ap(r)il into a send box and tell me what you get. X3
I swear that was intentional.


Sorry about the mix up with that third band.
fight club


Just a little bit here on the band which are going to save undercode XD, as recently stated by one of my close friends.


Zodia joined undercode at the start of april, and gave their first live on June 6th, entitled "Dark side carnival" at HOLIDAY OSAKA.

The band currently consists of 3 members:
YUU(悠): Vocals and Guitar. (ex-Marvelous Maiden)
TERA(テラ): Voice and Bass. (ex-Bloody Mary)
ZODD: Drums. (ex-Okuto)

On listening to the band, I have to say I'm impressed. Their music is a lovely mix and the vocals aren't in the least bit painfull to listen to, which I have to say happens every so often with smaller bands. The recently did a three month consecutive release, of the three singles, "In the Dark", "「慟哭」 (Doukoku)", and "「果て無き絶望、朽ち果てる太陽」 (Hate Naki Zetsubou, Kuchihateru Taiyou)", all of which are very good.

My favourite track so far to come from Zodia is probably Fall out, from the In the Dark single, Dark, heavy and nice and screamy, just how I like it, but not overly so, there's still some fairly melodic aspects in there too.

Live schedule
2008.9.01(月) -東京-SHIBUYA O-WEST
2008.9.06(土) HOLIDAY OSAKA
2008.9.20(土) HOLIDAY OSAKA
2008.9.21(日) HOLIDAY OSAKA
2008.10.26(日)HOLIDAY OSAKA

They have no PV's released as of yet, but someone has been kind enough to put their stuff up on youtube. So here is Fall out for you to enjoy.