September 9th, 2008

成宮寛貴;;night walker

Matenro Opera, VanessA, Irokui, and a compilation.

Gilia [Regular Edition]
Matenro Opera
Rerelease of Matenro Opera's debut mini-album "Gilia" featuring new jacket artwork! Includes the tracks "Plastic Cell," "alkaloid showcase," their first ballad "sara," and more for five songs total.

Releasing: October 10, 2008
Pre-order here.

Utau Kuchibiru [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
New mini-album release from Irokui based on the theme of "Tokyo." Limited edition includes bonus DVD with one music video.

Releasing: October 29, 2008
Pre-order here.

Vortex [Limited Release]
First maxi single release from VanessA includes three songs total.

Releasing: October 22, 2008
Pre-order here.

Crow That Wore Crown
First compilation album release from the Crow Music label includes 12 songs total on 2 CDs.

Releasing: October 29, 2008
Pre-order here.
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成宮寛貴;;night walker

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