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Indies - quaff


OMG, first. Who thought of that name?
Yeah, I think that is the next thing I am looking into. The second is probably gonna be the reason for the masks the MC wears. Seriously...
But beyond the weirdness I admittedly did like the sound of their music, at least what I heard of it. Stupid fucking dial up. D:

I mean seriously, you guys. I dunno. The part I heard was kinda soft and flowy, but I have this feeling it gets more crazy. I just did not have the time to load the whole damn thing, ya know?
But for your viewing pleasure, here is quaff - 'more than blue'. I can not contain how happy it makes me that they personally, as a band, have their own youtube account and post a PV on it, ne? It's all pretty high quality, for youtube at least, ya know?

So anyhow, from what I read they are currently and indies band that formed in 2001. In September they are doing their first US tour, it looks like it's partly with the JapaNoodle Fever Tour. Another random as hell name...

But anyhow, congrats for them! ^0^/
And the tour dates are below, so if anyone wants to just go and check it out, it'd be great to be able to get a live taste, I'm sure. And we'd love to hear about it if you do!

::: quaff official website :::

USA Tour Dates
9.19.2008 - Atlanta, GA 'Drunken Unicorn'
9.20.2008 - Athens, GA 'Tasty World'
9.21.2008 - San Antonio, TX 'Sam's Burger Joint'
9.22.2008 - Nashville, TN 'Exit-In'
9.23.2008 - Knoxville, TN 'Pilot Light'
9.24.2008 - Chapel Hill, NC 'Local 506'
9.25.2008 - Baltimore, MD 'Ottobar'
9.26.2008 - Philadelphia, PA 'The Khyber'
9.27.2008 - New York City, NY 'Jacob K. Javits Center'
9.27.2008 - New York City, NY 'ANIME Festival'
9.27.2008 - New York City, NY 'Knitting Factory'
9.28.2008 - Brooklyn, NY 'Music Hall of Williamsburg'

I have three things to point out..., one is Brooklyn was spelled Blooklin on their webpage. X3 And two and three... they are having lives at Sam's Burger Joint and a Knitting Factory? Tell me that doesn't make you giggle at least a little.
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