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06 September 2008 @ 08:20 pm
Dunno how many v(NEU), or ex-HeaRt, fans there are... never really heard much of them..

But for those out there you may want to know that Nono, the guitarist, is leaving the band. This was effective September 2.

Gee, they took their time letting us know, right?

Apparently something they decided while Jun was in ill health.
06 September 2008 @ 08:01 pm
The cellist, Kanon Wakeshima, is releasing her second single on the 12th of November. Suna no oshiro, the tittle track is also going to be used on...

Surprise, surprise! The Vampire Knight Guilty anime ending.
I get the feeling she liked this series. Or maybe Mana does. Aaa sweet vampire love.
Explains Gackt's obsession.

There will be two version, the limited with five tracks, and the regular with only three.
No clue yet, when you can purchase it. Sorry!!

06 September 2008 @ 01:32 pm
Okay, so girugamesh is releasing the self titled album 'girugamesh'. But we knew that.

No, this time it should be available in Hot Topic stores by the end of the month. In America. Crazy right?

Not to mention it's supposed to be pretty cheap. :O So go buy it everyone!! <3

And if you can't buy it at the Hot Topics, for whatever reason...

Here's the CDJapan Link.
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05 September 2008 @ 03:11 pm
Dio ~distraught overlord~ European Tour.

Dio are touring europe later this year, November time to be exact, and I thought I would post the dates and information.

Myself, I'm a die hard Dio fan, and have been since their first single. There's just something about Mikaru's voice and the heavy nature of their music which isn't all too common. I recomend any of their music for anyone interested, but at the moment, my favourite songs have to be 'Lord's prayer' and 'GOD forsaken ~Boku wa Kimi no Kikazatta Karada wo Kyouyuu Suru Sekai no Rinjin Nado de wa Nai~' Long name, I know, but most shorten it to simply 'God forsaken'.

A little interesting fact about their vocalist too. He's been hit recently by a bout of tonsilitus, and mentions that each time he has it (this being the second time) he feels that his voices changes, becomes somewhat deeper! And he hopes that the fans will still follow them despite the changes. He also speaks of Dio's fanbase as the 'Dio army', apparently he'd be the mayor of a visual kei city and we would all have to listen carefully to what he would say.

I kid you not. He even blogs about it.

Tour dates
18/11 Dio - Munich GERMANY
19/11 Dio - Zurich SWITZERLAND
21/11 Dio - Hengelo NETHERLANDS
22/11 Dio - Stockholm SWEDEN
23/11 Dio - Berlin GERMANY
25/11 Dio - Poznań POLAND
26/11 Dio - London UK
28/11 Dio - Köln GERMANY
29/11 Dio - Paris FRANCE
30/11 Dio - Helsinki FINLAND


If you like what you see, please support the band.
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05 September 2008 @ 06:24 am
Right, so LM.C is going to be doing two lives in South America this coming January.

One in Chile and one in Brazil.
This should be interesting, yeah?

Anyhow, it's supposed to be before their Europe Tour, so I'll try to get dates up for both of these soon. Got to do more poking, it seems.


Europe Tour Dates w/South America Dates
1.23.2009 - Santiago, Chile
1.25.2009 - Sao Paulo, Brazil
1.28.2009 - Milan, Italy 'ROLLING STONE'
1.30.2009 - Barcelona, Spain 'Salamandra Sala 1'
1.31.2009 - Montpelier, France 'Rockstore'
2.01.2009 - Paris, France 'La Locomotive'
2.03.2009 - London, UK 'Islington Carling Academy'
2.04.2009 - Cologne, Germany 'The Werkstatt'
2.05.2009 - Munich, Germany 'Backstage'
2.07.2009 - Stockholm, Sweden 'Tyrol'
2.08.2009 - Helsinki, Finland 'GLORIA'
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04 September 2008 @ 11:17 pm

OMG, first. Who thought of that name?
Yeah, I think that is the next thing I am looking into. The second is probably gonna be the reason for the masks the MC wears. Seriously...
But beyond the weirdness I admittedly did like the sound of their music, at least what I heard of it. Stupid fucking dial up. D:

I mean seriously, you guys. I dunno. The part I heard was kinda soft and flowy, but I have this feeling it gets more crazy. I just did not have the time to load the whole damn thing, ya know?
But for your viewing pleasure, here is quaff - 'more than blue'. I can not contain how happy it makes me that they personally, as a band, have their own youtube account and post a PV on it, ne? It's all pretty high quality, for youtube at least, ya know?

So anyhow, from what I read they are currently and indies band that formed in 2001. In September they are doing their first US tour, it looks like it's partly with the JapaNoodle Fever Tour. Another random as hell name...

But anyhow, congrats for them! ^0^/
And the tour dates are below, so if anyone wants to just go and check it out, it'd be great to be able to get a live taste, I'm sure. And we'd love to hear about it if you do!

::: quaff official website :::

USA Tour Dates
9.19.2008 - Atlanta, GA 'Drunken Unicorn'
9.20.2008 - Athens, GA 'Tasty World'
9.21.2008 - San Antonio, TX 'Sam's Burger Joint'
9.22.2008 - Nashville, TN 'Exit-In'
9.23.2008 - Knoxville, TN 'Pilot Light'
9.24.2008 - Chapel Hill, NC 'Local 506'
9.25.2008 - Baltimore, MD 'Ottobar'
9.26.2008 - Philadelphia, PA 'The Khyber'
9.27.2008 - New York City, NY 'Jacob K. Javits Center'
9.27.2008 - New York City, NY 'ANIME Festival'
9.27.2008 - New York City, NY 'Knitting Factory'
9.28.2008 - Brooklyn, NY 'Music Hall of Williamsburg'

I have three things to point out..., one is Brooklyn was spelled Blooklin on their webpage. X3 And two and three... they are having lives at Sam's Burger Joint and a Knitting Factory? Tell me that doesn't make you giggle at least a little.
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03 September 2008 @ 12:33 pm


So this is a mixture of a crack humor and a news flash community.

As far as crack we'll post a lot of things that just happen to jump out to us in our day. Something that makes us say 'WTF?!' and we just have to share it with people. May not be new, might just be something that has risen to the surface again.

New flash in the sense that we'll also tell you about things coming out, bands or CDs. Whatever. Live dates. Anything like that.

And of course, we don't love everything, so we don't post everything about everyone. But if you want us too do something specific, crack or news wise, just post a little comment or send one us a message over LJ and we'll try to get it up for you as soon as possible.

Okay~! <3

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