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Let's Not J-rock

We are soooo going to hell...

Let's Not...
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A Jrock humor and news community.

A news community with the purpose of keeping you up to date and in tune with all new releases, tours, and bands. Our staff will occasionally do whim posts, tell you about something Jrock related that just made them giggle, but for the most part we are here to inform with our personal notes.
Because we can really. It keeps us up to date and you up to date.
So we have three mods here, maybe we'll add more if the need arises. Who knows? But anyhow, I'll let everyone introduce themselves:

-- thin_lipid
Hey you guys! I'm thin_lipid, but you can call me Mi or Minda. I am the one that founded and probably posted the ads that you found the community using. I'm still considered a newie to Jrock I suppose, so this is partly a quest for me to become more knowledgable of the fandom. XD You'll see me mostly posting all the new releases and links of where to buy them. I also do the profile layout and all that lovely stuff. But seriously, I hope that I can make this place really great for you guys! Much love! <3

-- xxmyvxx
Not complete.

-- klahasama
\m/ The all-American Zombie Hero. Visual-kei inspired fashion freak. Undead muskrat farmer from hell. The monster in your closet. Ne, call me Ku or kurai. I'm the resident international tour date scout, meaning I'll have my eyes on the industry for bands breaking out of the walls of Japan to reach their foreign fans. I've been in the fandom since 2002 and know my shit. If you have any questions about concerts--either in America or Japan--I'm your girl. Really, I have so much useless jrock-related information crammed into my skull that I'd love to get some out. Feel free to harass me; I'm never far. \m/

We love support, it helps everyone in the community and it keeps us going. One of the best ways you can support is by purchasing from CDJapan though the links provided on the site. You know why?
We are an affliate of CDJapan, so any purchases you make by clicking those links will give money to the communiy, which allows us in turn to keep working and in the future even allow things like contests and give-a-ways. Neat right? I know no one would say no to a free CD.
So say your favorite band puts out a new album and you, of course, want to buy it. Well, you're going to buy it either way right, why not benefit the site while you're at it. <3


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